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Diversity Work is a 5-part fictional podcast series that invites you into a television writers’ room embroiled in a social media storm. When a television network is accused of racism, a diverse group of writers is quickly brought together and asked to come up with an idea that “ticks all the diversity boxes” at once. The writers soon realise they are being used for their diverse identities and are forced to deal with the personal and professional consequences.

The work is created, directed and edited by Pearl Tan, and co-created with nine screen practitioners with lived experience of the challenges of being from a diverse background in the screen industry. The podcast employs long-form improvisation, which unleashes remarkable performances from the co-creators – it’s difficult to believe this work is fictional.

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The co-creators TL-BR: Pearl Tan, Ana Maria Belo, Priya Roy, Moreblessing Maturure, George Coles, Maddison Coles, Jane Park, Amy Stewart, Suzy Wrong and Emily Dash

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